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Create your own adventure

Book pantry

Things to read that align with the conference themes.

Inspiration gallery

Curated content for inspiration and contemplation.

Community connections

Links to online communities

MAKING shiFt HAPPEN is place for conversation, care, contribution, connection, and collaboration. It is also a place for creativity, community and change. Create Your Own Adventure is your opportunity to design what you want to experience outside of the scheduled presentations and conversations. This is your place to play, create, explore and follow what sparks joy.

We have assembled a collection of nourishing, provocative and inspiring things. There is a Book Pantry where you will find our collation of emphatically recommended readings and links to the works of our MAKING shiFt HAPPEN presenters. There is an Inspiration Gallery which showcases a varied range of artefacts, links and resources. Use these to nurture your own imaginings, meaning-making and projects. Follow the resources that match your needs and that align with the personal and professional alchemy you wish to bring to the academy. Please share your creations and responses through our Social Hub! We would love to see the photos of what you create.

We also want to acknowledge the role that Community Connections have played in our work and lives. Our Community Connections page showcases people and groups who have provided sustenance and support (whether they realise it or not) over the last few years. Who are the groups and individuals who support your work? Please share these through our Social Hub.