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The Inspiration Gallery showcases a range of ideas and projects to support and ignite your curiosity and creativity. We have curated a diverse collection of resources to stimulate, motivate, influence and uplift. Follow the ideas that fire your imagination about the shiFt you want to make happen! What is offered below is informed by the feedback you have given us about what you want to experience during MAKING shiFt HAPPEN. It isn’t all about work. Rather requests were for opportunities to be creative, to make mind/body/soul connections, to foster mindfulness, and experience nurturing, nourishment and wellbeing. May this Inspiration Gallery feed some of those longings. We offer some ‘Invitations’ alongside the gallery resources to call you to respond.

Journal Making – Creating a MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal

This video shows conference co-chair Ali Black sharing her journal and offering suggestions for bringing your creativity into your note-taking and contemplations of what matters during the conference. Use your journal to document and represent the shiFt you want to make happen.

Inspiration Invitation: Create your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal and add to it during and beyond the conference. Collage images and words if drawing isn’t your thing.

200 Women: The Listening Ground – A single word

Could you think of a single word that you most identify with? The 200 Women project asked amazing women from around the world to do just that. Can you guess what they said? We’ll give you a hint – love, trust, hope and courage. Listen in to hear why.

Inspiration Invitation: Make your own video. Perhaps your project could be the one word that most encapsulates the shiFt you want to see happen, or one word that encapsulates the Infinite Game you want to play. Record your word in your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal. Use it to frame a femifesta. Share your word in the Social Hub.

Create a Manifesta/Femifesta or two!

Originally inspired by The Holstee Manifesto Poster, Co-chair Ali Black has found much pleasure creating Femifestas both on her own and with and for others. Sometimes writing down the phrases that matter to us, and placing them where we can read them, helps us in times when we are feeling stuck or mired in the finite games.

Inspiration Invitation: Gather together some key words and phrases that capture your longings, goals and hopes for your work and life. Create a femifesta in your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal. You could find words in magazines that jump out at you and make a femifesta collage for the Infinite Game you want to play!

I want to go to La La Land

La La Land - Elixir feat. Katie Noonan with Michael Leunig. Co-chairs Rachael Dwyer and Ali Black, together with presenter Catherine Manathunga, were enriched by this concert and fabulous collaboration between Katie Noonan and Michael Leunig on ‘Gratitude and Grief’.

Inspiration Invitation: Spoken word, music, poetry, sublime improvisation, story. Gratitude and Grief. Sit quietly with this video and let your senses hum as you enjoy this beautiful storytelling.

Sistas Holding Space

Ever wondered who you really are? Where’s your mob from? Where are your roots? Where do you belong? Hear, see, and feel embodied stories of ancestry and place. Black and white Australian women artivists together provoke resonant and entangled understandings of belonging and displacement through storied artworks, performances and installations. Led by our presenter Tracey Bunda and colleague Louise Philips (based on their book Research through, with and as storying) a group of academic women explore ancestry and place and hold space for one another’s stories.

Inspiration Invitation: How might you use performance, art, story to connect you to your sistas, to your stories of belonging? Represent some of you own entangled understandings of belonging and displacement through a creative form. Talk with your sistas in the Social Hub.

The Tree of Contemplative Practices

Which ones do you engage in to nourish your life and work?

Inspiration Invitation: Draw your own tree to capture and represent the nourishing things you do to care for yourself.

We are doing a fully virtual conference, is a virtual choir next?

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'. 185 voices. 243 tracks. 12 countries. Technology has an amazing capacity to support connection if we use it well.

Inspiration Invitation: Think about how video-conferencing and other technologies and media might support your connections with women around the world. Widen your circle. Let’s keep in touch.

Arts-based and Contemplative Practices Treasure Trove

Ever wanted to see book chapters enacted? Here are video recordings of enacted scenes from the chapters in Arts-based and Contemplative Practices in Research and Teaching: Honoring Presence (in our book pantry). Our presenters Susan Walsh and Barbara Bickel appear with their fellow editor Carl Leggo, and chapter author cast.

Inspiration Invitation: Watch the performed chapters. How does the research reach you when presented in this form? Consider how you might perform your research or used arts-based forms to enact your own writing and thinking.

Changing Academic Life Podcasts

This conference has highlighted the importance of purpose, of thinking about the academicmachine and the finite games it calls us to play. We want to tap into what gives us meaning and so listening to the stories of others can help us do that. Geri Fitz has a range of podcasts where academics share gems and practical insights about how to play the academic game in more sustainable ways.

Inspiration Invitation: Choose some podcasts of interests to listen to. Perhaps you might be inspired to share your own story in the Curated Conversations, Pop-Up Podium and Campfire during the 36 hours of the conference. But after this, the Social Hub can keep us connected and support the sharing of stories into the future.

If these walls could talk!

Co-chair Rachael Dwyer and her co-author Libby Dwyer talk about their Chapter: “If these walls could talk”: Looking in, walking out, and reimagining a broken system (in Black and Garvis (Eds). Lived Experiences of Women in Academia).

Inspiration Invitation: As you listen to Rachael and Libby talk about their work-lives, what resonates for you? How might we reimagine academic career pathways that are responsive to the health and family needs of academic women, that are responsive to our own health and family needs?

You’re Dr What?

Corinna Di Niro and Amelia Walker illustrate and discuss their Chapter You’re doctor what? Challenges for creative arts research in a culture of binaries (in Black and Garvis (Eds). Lived Experiences of Women in Academia).

Inspiration Invitation: What are some of the tensions and uncertainties you face as researcher? How might a collaborative research methodology support your academic work? Follow Corinna’s and Amelia’s approach and engage with a colleague or fellow conference attendee to share something of your experience as a female academic/researcher/writer with each other. Turn some of what you have discussed into a form of a short play script. Share via the Social Hub.

200 Women: The Listening Ground – What matters?

The 200 Women project asked women what matters to them. Truth, dignity, the planet and self-belief are just some of the topics women spoke to.

Inspiration Invitation: Take inspiration and record a short video of what matters to you? Or write a reflective poem, use photography, express yourself. Share what you create via the Social Hub.

Studio M* –  A Collaborative Research Creation Lab

Our presenter Barbara Bickel has created this Studio as a gathering space for artists, writers, thinkers, healers and makers to explore ideas and creative impulses. You can view Barbara’s art portfolio, writing and research creation here. How might you take up some of the projects and invitations in your own life and work?

Inspiration Invitation: Look through the gallery of projects, videos and resources and be inspired. Contact Barbara if you have any questions or would like to work with her via zoom to explore your creativity.

On Being with Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett hosts an inspiring series of podcasts that discuss topics like: What does it mean to be human? How do we want to live? And who will we be to each other? Listening to the stories of others sometimes connects us to our own stories and questions.

Inspiration Invitation: take time to engage with some of these podcasts and listen to the ‘animating questions at the centre of your life’. Record or represent some of these questions in your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal, perhaps share in the Social Hub.

Women in Academia – a panel of authors discuss their stories and writing

This video shares an event focused on ‘Celebrating women in academia’. Chapter authors from Lived Experiences of Women in Academia and Women Activating Agency in Academia (Black and Garvis (Eds)) share their stories and writing. QCA Lecture Theatre South Bank, 4 October, 2018. A partnership with USC Australia and Griffith Institute for Educational Research (GIER) Griffith University.

Inspiration Invitation: Consider how we might shape the academy we want, rather than the academy we have. Share your thought via the Social Hub. Write your intentions in your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal.

200 Women: The Listening Ground – Pain

No one likes to talk about pain. Listen as some extraordinary women talk about stories of breast cancer, the death of a child, depression and witnessing loved ones pass away. How important is it that we write our stories of pain and grief? Is this something you can do as part of your academic writing? Conference co-chair Ali Black has been engaging in this writing space. Here is a piece recently published in TEXT Journal about the death of her mother: Time to remember: a portrait of my mother. 

Inspiration Invitation: Is pain a space where you might write? Do you have scars from your academic life?  How might we support each other and promote kindness in the academy? Share your stories with another.

Women Unleashed – Online Retreats

Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici facilitates a range of free online retreats. Join her group and you can watch inspirational videos from home and engage with art, reflection and movement.

Inspiration Invitation: Join the free retreat and connect with women beyond academia and with your artist within.

Brain Pickings – An inventory of a meaningful life

Maria Popova creates this wonderful blog and newsletter that is an inventory of cross-disciplinary interestingness, spanning art, science, design, history, philosophy, and more. She describes it as “a record of my own becoming as a person – intellectually, creatively, spiritually” and “an inventory of a meaningful life”. Inspiration Invitation: What pieces are you putting together that help you answer the grand question of how to live well, how to live a meaningful life? Represent these in your MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal.

Ruth Behar Reading "La Cortada"

This video shows presenter Ruth Behar reading her short story "La Cortada," which was chosen by Joyce Carol Oates for the collection, Telling Stories: An Anthology for Writers (Norton, 1997), a text used widely in creative writing courses.

Inspiration Invitation: What have you forgotten? What traces have your memories left? Do you use your intuition to find your way? How might storying your memories help you navigate your way? Spend some time storying some memories through writing, poetry or image.

Qualitative Conversations: Carolyn Ellis

Carolyn Ellis, the originator and developer of autoethnography, has helped us understand the power of storytelling and how it connects the personal to the cultural, social and political. It is an approach to research and writing, to process and product. Here Carolyn is interviewed and talks about compassionate interviewing, evocative autoethnography and her hopes for the future of qualitative research.

Inspiration Invitation: how might your research help you take the role of the other? How is your way of working helping you be more thoughtful? How might you follow research methods that allow you to listen? What are you letting yourself feel? How might you use story to research in a compassionate way? In partnership? Share your thoughts, ideas and possibilities in the Social Hub.

200 Women: The Listening Ground – Change

Inspiring women share stories about women and work. Their stories show that much change is needed in terms of addressing gender pay disparity, sexual assault, human rights and women in the workplace. Maybe it will inspire you to be the change that is needed and to MAKE shiFt HAPPEN!

Inspiration Invitation: Engage in the Social Hub and talk about the change you want to see. What action or Slow Tiny Act of Resistance (STAR) can you take up today to progress this change?

Journal Making – Creating an art journal

Whilst this is focused on a retreat Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici was running, there are some great tips for helping us tap into creativity and intuition –  and it is a whole lot of fun. You might employ some of these ideas as you listen to our presenter recordings? Inspiration Invitation: Yes, we really want to create a MAKING shiFt HAPPEN journal and engage in some creative note-taking and intention setting!

Have you heard of Miksang?

Miksang is a contemplative approach to photography. One moment at a time. An endless journey of unfolding beauty and creative expression. Our presenter Susan Walsh uses Miksang as a research methodology and a personal practice (see her book Contemplative and Artful Openings). This link Miksang Contemplative Photography introduces you to the concept. Inspiration Invitation: Be present today, take images of beautiful things.

Memoir Mind – a blog focused on memoir: writing reading and recommendations

In this blog, contemplative writing teacher Miriam Hall explores the process of writing and reading memoir through reviews, discussions, links and reflections.

Inspiration Invitation: Engage with this blog. Perhaps you might begin your own memoir? Or, read one of the recommended resources.