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Here in the information lounge you can get a feel for how the conference works at a practical level.

The purpose of this lounge is to ensure you know where and how to access the programmed features of the conference, and to help you feel comfortable with the technology and Zoom video-conferencing. We also outline some netiquette and ethical protocols. Use the time provided during the first two hours of the conference to prepare your technology and familiarise yourself with the conference website. Give time to exploring the resources here.

Learn how to find your way around the conference site

See our resources for help with Zoom

Find out how to Prepare for the sessions

Finding your way around

Just like at a real-life conference, it can be easy to get lost. It's important that you know your timezone, and have an idea of when the sessions are on and how to find them.

The conference is 36 hours in length, but not all this time is tightly ‘programmed’. The conference has a slow pace, with all the programmed aspects starting on the hour and located in a two-hour leisurely block. Sessions won’t last for the full two hours, they might only go for an hour (we will follow the energy) but having this timeframe allocated means we can take our time. There is no rush! Be assured there will be time for you to relax, eat, sleep and go to the bathroom! 

There are three main conference 'zones':

The Main Stage is where you'll see all of the webinar sessions, the keynotes and panel discussions. These will be recorded and videos uploaded for you to watch later.

Conversation Central is where you'll find links to our discussion spaces: Curated Conversations, Pop-up Podium and the Campfire, as well as the Social Hub with links to where you can talk further via social media.

Create your own Adventure is a collection of resources that you can engage with at any time, during or after the conference.

To help you find when the live sessions are on, you can see a full list of Session Times in a range of timezones.

See a virtual tour of the conference

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Do you know your timezone?

Knowing your UTC +/- timezone is the only way you'll be able to know when the live sessions are happening. You can find out here.

Zoom Help

Zoom is the video conferencing tool we are using. For a quality experience you will need a good internet connection, a headset/microphone and a webcam. There are lots of great resources provided by Zoom to help you become familiar with how it works. You can test your audio and video here, or look at the whole range of video tutorials.

Refer to our conference Self-help resources to get set up, fill out the ‘I need IT help please’ form or visit the conference Help Desk Zoom Meeting Room if you need some extra support.

The key things are to download the Zoom app to your device, and check and test your audio (microphone) and video (webcam), so that you are ready to participate in the Main Stage Zoom Webinar Room and interactive Zoom Meeting Rooms.

The links to the Webinars and Meeting Rooms are embedded into the conference website. Once you’re set up to use Zoom, all you’ll need to do to join the Zoom session is click on the ‘Join this session’ link for the session you want to attend.

Help is available

If you're having trouble connecting or getting the settings right, we'd encourage you to read through our Tip Sheet as a first step. If you still need help, you can either complete the form and our tech support will reply by email, or you can jump into our Zoom Help Desk Meeting.

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Preparing for the sessions
Conference protocols, netiquette and ethics

Guidelines for participating in the conference

Find out what you can do to prepare for the sessions

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Main stage
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Conversation Central

Where all the conversations happen

Create your own adventure
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