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Main stage

Just like at a festival, the Main Stage of our conference is the place to engage with our fabulous presenter line-up.

Come here to the Main Stage to connect to the Presenter Webinars and recordings. You can access the Webinar Room to participate in real time where your time zone allows. Use the Session Times guide to determine when the programmed aspects are occurring in your time zone.

A new beginning; To create, to transform, to transport, to delight
To take care of oneself and others, to flourish, and engage in slow scholarship
Promoting ideas, sharing stories, finding connection, collaboration and friendship; Creating meaning together, supporting and celebrating each other, lifting each other up
Like [the pleasure of wearing] a loose-fitting garment – finding liberating and enabling ways to wear an academic life; Activating personal and professional alchemy, kindness, movement and change in the academy

You can come back later at your leisure to view the webinar recordings. We aim to have recordings for each day uploaded during the following day. So please allow a day or two if you are looking for recordings. If you find the Webinar Room recordings are not available when you look, know they will be accessible from this Main Stage in a few days. This means that no matter what time zone you’re in, you’ll be able to enjoy the presentations and be inspired to MAKE shiFt HAPPEN!

See the Information Lounge or the Session Times to get a sense of the whole conference program.

The Main Stage Webinars occur during the first four hours of every themed block. There are Keynote Webinars and Panel Webinars. You can also download and/or print the presenter bios and topics.


During the conference, you are invited to cultivate your embodied, sensory and aesthetic responses and check in with your spirit, soul, heart and body. You are invited to pause, listen and contemplate. You are invited to reflect, respond and to create. Throughout the conference you are encouraged to keep a visual diary or journal to document the thoughts, feelings and insights emerging during the conference. We have created a video about setting up a journal and becoming a little playful as you open yourself up to dreaming, contemplating and creating spaces for conjuring shiFt. We think it is important that you reflect on and document what matters to you. We’d like you to have a book or journal where you can record your thoughts, feelings, imaginings and plans for the shiFt you want to see and create for yourself and the academy.

Prepare yourself for the Main Stage offerings by exploring the Themes, getting to know the Presenters and engaging with the Prepare materials. For each of the themes there is a specific reading or experience to engage with.

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