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shiFts you'd like to make happen

Building stronger caring, collegial and collaborative academic communities
I'd like to have more confidence in myself as an academic.
A world which doesn’t focus on labelling people but rather views them as individuals and accepts them as they are.
Disrupt boundaries set for women in academia so that they can discover the power of creativity in themselves.
Finding balance and wisdom within academic life. Keeping my job 'in a box' and protecting family, relationships and self-care while still doing a job I can be proud of.
Universities retain their commitment to cultural democracy and social justice and become spaces of radical hope and conviviality.
Further contribute to a university that invites, legitimises and privileges relationships - with self, with others and with communities.
Creative connections in feminist activism in and beyond higher education
Quality over quantity in research outputs being truly valued in academia, and in doing so, truly valuing the caring that women do both in and out of academic work.