Conference overview - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Conference overview


This is your starting point and welcome to the conference.

Information Lounge

This has important information about the philosophy and structure of the conference and will help you to navigate the conference site. There's also information about the help that's available and how to find your timezone.

Main Stage

Just like at a festival, the Main Stage of our conference is the place to engage with our fabulous presenter line-up. Come here to the Main Stage to connect to the Presenter Webinars in real time, and the recordings afterwards.

The Main Stage is organised by four themes, each of which take up an 8 hour block of the conference.
Theme 1: Contemplative Beginnings
Theme 2: Building Caring Communities
Theme 3: Lived Experiences of Women in Academia
Theme 4: Reimagining Academia

Conversation Central

From Conversation Central, there are a range of facilitated and self-directed ways to connect.

Conversation Central has 4 spaces with which to engage:
Social Hub 

Additional places for connection, outside the conference website and into the future.

Curated Conversations

A Zoom meeting room with a little bit of structure, with a focus on stories and storytelling.


A Zoom meeting room where conference participants can gather to get to know one another.

Pop-up Podium

A Zoom meeting room for conference attendees to take the floor.

Create your own Adventure

Create Your Own Adventure is your opportunity to design what you want to experience outside of the scheduled presentations and conversations.

Create your own adventure has 3 sections:
Book Pantry

A collection of emphatically recommended reads, intended to offer provocation, stimulation, and nourishment.

Inspiration Gallery

A range of ideas and projects to support and ignite your curiosity and creativity.

Community Connections

Some groups and people who offer a lovely foundation for living well in and beyond academia.


Here you can see all of the information about our presenters in one place, and download their details.