Prepare for Theme 1 - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Prepare for Theme 1

Please prepare for Theme One and your part in this dialogue by reading this letter from Tracey, Kathryn and ‘Mabokang.

The first theme Contemplative beginnings invites you to hold a space for new beginnings and new stories for yourself and the academy.

Across this conference we honour and acknowledge the philosophies and knowledges of First Nations peoples. Our Theme One speakers Tracey, Kathryn and ‘Mabokang invite us to consider our experience of relationship and kinship with others in our local, academic and global communities. Tracey, Kathryn and ‘Mabokang engage us in a dialogue that speaks into complexities and into the lived experiences of First Nations women and their stories of the academy.

You can support your reflection and preparation by reading the conference theme focus. What words resonate? What is the invitation or provocation? Get to know the presenters for this session by looking at their bios. Read the webinar titles and descriptions of the sessions planned for this theme.

As you listen, engage in inspirational journaling and documentation of what matters to you. What meaning are you making? What ideas or questions are rising for you? What questions would you like to ask? What action would you like to take?