Prepare for Theme 3 - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Prepare for Theme 3

Please prepare for Theme Three and your part in this dialogue by reflecting on your own stories of academia, dressing comfortably, quieting yourself for contemplation, and having basic writing and/or art materials of your choice nearby (for example, journal, sketchbook, writing and drawing tools, paint, fabric and thread, clay). Also, please have a candle and matches at hand to help co-create a ritual for opening the space-time together. Each participant will also be invited to acknowledge the particular Indigenous communities/Elders who are the traditional stewards of the land on which she lives.

The third theme Lived experiences of women invites us to consider why it is important to shed light on our lived experiences and how we might – in deliberate, activist, celebratory and heartful ways – use research methodologies to unearth our individual and collective voices and stories.

Our Theme Three speakers Susan, Barbara and Ruth call us to reflect on ways we can find our voice and not lose our soul. Susan, Barbara and Ruth each share stories of their lives and connect us to writing and research practices that have offered them sustenance and care within and beyond the academy.

You can support your reflection and preparation by reading the conference theme focus. What words resonate? What is the invitation or provocation? Get to know the presenters for this session by looking at their bios. Read the webinar titles and descriptions of the sessions planned for this theme.

As you listen, engage in inspirational journaling and documentation of what matters to you. What meaning are you making? What ideas or questions are rising for you? What questions would you like to ask? What action would you like to take?