Prepare for Theme 4 - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Prepare for Theme 4

Please prepare for Theme Four and your part in this dialogue by reading Barbara and Niki’s inspirational journal article: The university as an infinite game: Revitalising activism in the academy

Harré, N., Grant, B.M., Locke, K., and Sturm, S. (2017). The university as an infinite game [online]. Australian Universities' Review, The, 59 (2), pp. 5-13. Retrieved from

The final theme Reimagining academia uses the metaphor of the university as an ‘infinite game’ (Harré, Grant, Locke, Sturm, 2017) to connect us to imagination, hope, and inclusion. In this theme we are realising our potential as connected women interested in deep listening and collective care.

Our Theme Four speakers Barbara, Niki, Catherine, Agnes and Janet explore the characteristics of the infinite game, and the distraction of finite games. Barbara, Niki, Catherine, Agnes and Janet encourage us to (re)connect to the purpose that guides our work and lives. They offer suggestions for activism in the academy through STARs (Slow Tiny Acts of Resistance). This final theme helps us reimagine academia and embark on collective action to MAKE shiFt HAPPEN!

You can support your reflection and preparation by reading the conference theme focus. What words resonate? What is the invitation or provocation? Get to know the presenters for this session by looking at their bios. Read the webinar titles and descriptions of the sessions planned for this theme.

As you listen, engage in inspirational journaling and documentation of what matters to you. What meaning are you making? What ideas or questions are rising for you? What questions would you like to ask? What action would you like to take?