Dr Bingxin Wang - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dr Bingxin Wang

Adjunct Fellow in Chinese Studies

Dr Bingxin Wang holds a PhD in the area of Chinese educational and social studies from La Trobe University and her research and teaching focuses include outbound and inbound study design, comparative and international education, Chinese language, culture and society. Bingxin is the Head of Rising Sun Education, a role which sees her responsible for obtaining educational training tenders and developing an integrated medical English training program for Chinese university students and medical professionals. Bingxin previously worked with Edith Cowan University as the Senior Lecturer and China Program Manager in the Faculty of Health, Engineering and Science, and as the Senior Lecturer and China Program Coordinator for the School of Health Sciences within RMIT University.


TESOL Certification, University of Cambridge, PhD, La Trobe; Master of Arts (Foreign Languages), Shandong University; Bachelor of English Teaching, Hebei Teachers’ University.

Teaching areas
  • Chinese language
  • Chinese culture and society
  • Outbound and inbound study tour design and delivery
Research areas
  • Comparative and international education
  • Chinese educational and social studies
Key Research Publications

Wang, B, & Greenwood, K (2016). '“Face” and Psychological Processes of Laid-off Workers in Transitional China', Family Medicine and Community Health.

Wang, B, & Greenwood, K (2014) 'Psychological Responses to Layoff in Contemporary China', The International Journal of Human Resource Management, vol.26, 361-380.

Wang, B, & Greenwood, K (2013) 'Chinese Students’ Perceptions of their Creativity and that of Australian Students', Educational Psychology. An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology.

Wang, B & Macrow, A (2012) 'Entrepreneurial Training Project in China: Retraining Laid-off Workers', The International Education Journal: Comparative Perspectives, vol.11 (1), pp.82-95.

Wang, B, Lewis. R, & Greenwood, K (2012) 'Challenges in Retraining Workers Laidoff by State-owned Enterprises in China: Findings from a Field Inquiry', Journal of Vocational Education and Training.

Riley, P, Lewis. R & Wang, B (2012) 'Investigating Teachers’ Explanations for Aggressive Classroom Discipline Strategies in China and Australia', Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology.

Wang, B, Wu, Z & Greenwood, K (2011) 'System Reform and Basic Education Opportunities and Fairness', Learning Theory, Vol 12.

Contact Dr Bingxin Wang via email bwang1@usc.edu.au.