Dr Charmaine Daly - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dr Charmaine Daly

Adjunct Industry Fellow

Dr Charmaine Daly trained as a Psychologist and currently operates a clinic on the Sunshine Coast. Her specialisations include cognitive function, learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, coping and anger, and adaptive and behavioural functioning. Charmaine’s qualifications span across Psychology, Education and Science studies. Charmaine has previously taught in Psychology programs in Queensland University of Technology and Southern Cross University and has been employed as a Guidance Officer with Education Queensland since 2009.


Bachelor of Education Qld.UT; Doctor of Philosophy (Human Short Term Memory Performance) S.Qld; Bachelor of Science (Psychology) First Class Honours S.Qld; Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) S.Qld; Graduate Diploma of Applied Science (Medical Ultrasound) Qld.UT; Diploma of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography) Qld.UT

Teaching areas
  • Psychology 
  • Biology, numeracy and specialist science (secondary school)

Contact Dr Charmaine Daly via email SoSSAdmin@usc.edu.au.