Dr Marcelle Holdaway - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Dr Marcelle Holdaway

Adjunct Fellow in Accountability and Sustainability

For over twenty years, Marcelle has been the Director of Accounting for Life, delivering all aspects of the social accounting cycle from initial steps through to the Audit Panel. With an early grounding in the social sciences, Marcelle has managed projects in relation to health and wellbeing throughout her career. From 2011 to 2013, Marcelle was the Environment Community Development Officer for Hume City Council where her role involved planning, coordinating and implementing a range of programs with the community to strengthen, educate and foster behaviour change regarding the environment and sustainability. 

In 2014 Marcelle began her PhD thesis, exploring a practice-base for democratising stakeholder engagement by corporations. Her research explored a futures approach to the practice of social accounting based on the democratic theory of agonistic pluralism, with the thesis, 'Corporate Accountability, Community, and Gas Fields in Australia: Exploring the Landscapes, Transforming the Landscapes'.


PhD, Sunshine Coast; Master of Environmental Studies, Adel.; Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Adel.

Research areas
  • Community sustainability
  • Dialogical accounting
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Futures methods, economic and environmental sustainability
  • Member - The Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research, University of St Andrews, UK
Key Research Publications

Holdaway, M 2020, ‘Diving in the Deep End: Visually Exploring Community Views on corporate accountability’, Journal of Futures Studies, vol. 24(3).

Holdaway, M 2019, ‘Crossing disciplines: Exploring the contribution of a critical futures approach to democratizing community engagement with a focus on the gas industry’, Pacific Accounting Review, Special Issue: Social and Environmental Accounting Research, vol. 31(1), pp.159-180.

Holdaway, M 2018, ‘Field work in potential gas fields, middle ground or war zone: enhancing accountability by shining a light on difference’, foresight, vol. 20(1), pp.84-104.

Holdaway, M 2016, ‘Using CLA to Deconstruct Current Scholarly Views on Corporate Accountability to Community’, Journal of Futures Studies, vol. 21 (1), pp. 19-34.

Contact Dr Marcelle Holdaway via email SoSSAdmin@usc.edu.au.