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Carbon Neutrality through Sustainability Action


USC has committed to achieving carbon neutrality using its Carbon Management Plan as a road map. The University has taken significant steps towards this goal through initiatives as described on the Sustainable USC website.

Two of the largest initiatives are in the areas of waste management and renewable energy. However, outside of some basic information on these two initiatives, such as OSCA the composter and visible solar panels, not many students have a good idea of the sustainable solutions that USC has been developing to help reduce its carbon footprint.

We asked you to help us change that!

The Brief

We wanted you to help us create awareness around the carbon reduction efforts that the University is undertaking. The focus was on an action(s) that USC is taking / has taken that contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, however big or small. Everything from planting trees to reducing or recycling waste / water to changing the way we generate or consume electricity.

The best campaign highlighted what we do and motivated students to engage with sustainability and/or greenhouse gas reduction efforts at USC.

The Winner

Jordan Nutt

Campaign: #GreenUSC

Runner Up

Steven Benbrook

Campaign: USC: Zero Carbon by 2025