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Carbon Neutrality through Sustainability Action


Carbon Neutrality through Sustainability Action


USC has committed to achieving carbon neutrality using its Carbon Management Plan as a road map. The University has taken significant steps towards this goal through initiatives as described on the Sustainable USC website.

Two of the largest initiatives are in the areas of waste management and renewable energy. However, outside of some basic information on these two initiatives, such as OSCA the composter and visible solar panels, not many students have a good idea of the sustainable solutions that USC has been developing to help reduce its carbon footprint.

We want you to help us change that!

The brief

We want you to help us create awareness around the carbon reduction efforts that the University is undertaking. You can use our Sustainable USC website as a reference point for the initiatives that the University has completed, as well as initiatives  currently underway.

The focus should be on an action(s) that USC is taking / has taken that contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, however big or small. Everything from planting trees to reducing or recycling waste / water to changing the way we generate or consume electricity.

The best campaign will highlight what we do and motivate students to engage with sustainability and/or greenhouse gas reduction efforts at USC.

You can create one poster or use multiple posters (up to three total) with the same branding / tag line, but only one entry is allowed per person / team. Be creative. Be inspired. Use your own skills, whether that's as a wordsmith, a photographer or an artist.

Format / details

You may develop a single poster or series of up to three posters for your brand campaign.

The contest is open to all USC students, whether as individuals or in teams of no more than three people.

The contest began in February 2020 but was placed on hold at the end of March due to Covid-19 and the closure of USC campuses to in-person teaching. We are relaunching the competition as of 21 September. The closing date is 5pm Monday, 19 October 2020. (Anyone who had previously entered the competition will have their entry carried over)

This is your opportunity to display your creative talent as a tool for good! 

Artwork is to be submitted in electronic format with a resolution of 300 dpi and in jpg/pdf format (poster winner will be requested to resubmit poster at a higher resolution for reproduction purposes).

Entries are limited to one submission per student/team. A submission is limited to three posters.

Poster format
  • Vertical format
  • A4 (210x297mm) OR A3 (297x420mm) Poster 
  • Max 7.5MB/300 dpi (If selected as a finalist, you will need to submit a larger resolution file) 

The contest winner will have their work reproduced and distributed on campus platforms and included in print materials in association with USC Sustainability Day.

The winner

Entries will be judged on: 

  • Message (clear, concise, consistent, credible, relevant) 
  • Images (clear, creative, relevant, originality) 
  • Overall Impact (clear, compelling, call to action) 
  • Compliance (with the theme and requirements)

The winning campaign will be announced during Global Climate Change Week on Friday, 23 October 2020. It will be featured in the Sustainable USC Update and will be rolled out across the relevant USC platforms the following week.


Winners will receive:

1st prize: A$125, USC water bottle & USC Keepcup

2nd prize: A$75, USC water bottle & USC Keepcup

Entry requirements

You must be a student currently enrolled at the USC. Please ensure you provide your current student ID number with your entry.

Entry process

Email one high resolution (minimum 300 dpi resolution) copy of your poster. (Note: We may ask you to re-submit your poster if you don't send us an image with a high enough resolution.) There is a maximum file size limit of 10 megabytes for emails to the above address. If you have multiple posters to enter please send them in separate emails.

In the email provide:

    1. your name and student ID
    2. the names and student IDs of all members of your team, if relevant
    3. the title/tag line of your campaign
    4. a paragraph summarising why you chose to participate
    5. a brief explanation of your campaign concept

Entries are limited to a total of three posters per student/team.  Note: If more than three entries are received, the first three will be counted as that student's/team's entries.

Fee: There is no fee for entry.

There is a maximum file size limit of 10 megabytes for emails to the above address. If you have multiple images to enter please send them in separate emails.

Entry period

The prize nomination period reopens 21 September and ends 5pm Monday 19 October 2020.

Please read carefully. If design entries do not follow these requirements exactly, the design will be eliminated and not entered into the contest.

  1. Eligibility: The following persons are ineligible to enter the prize:
  2. Deemed acceptance: Entry into the prize is deemed acceptance of these T&C (as may be amended from time to time).
  3. Entries per person:  Entries are limited to one submission per student/team (no more than three students/team).
  4. Language/Visual:  No profanity or discriminatory words or images are to be used in any components of your campaign.
  5. Artwork​:  Only ORIGINAL artwork/content will be considered. Please check your spelling; Any misspelled words or incorrect numbers will disqualify your poster! 
  6. Your Images: By submitting an entry you agree to grant USC ('the University'), the right to use, publish and broadcast your entry, in whole or in part for any purpose including the prize. This may include use in promotional formats broadcast to the public such as through a digital feed via the USC website and in subsequent competition promotions or printed for physical events by USC. You will not be entitled to any fee for such use.
  7. Your personal information: You consent to the disclosure of your personal information [including the image(s)] to the University for the purpose of either competition, including associated promotional purposes. The University may use your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. You may access and correct any personal information held by the University, upon request to the University.
  8. Content:  Posters that include personal or corporate information or product endorsements will be disqualified.
  9. Permissions: You must have obtained the permission from all persons appearing in image/s (if applicable) to both produce and enter this competition using them as a subject within your image/s. Original signed release forms are required for persons, whether public or private citizens, who are photographed and appear on the poster. Release forms can be as simple as a paragraph stating "permission" from "subjects" with a printed list of names of the individuals appearing and signed by the individuals. If the subject is under 18 the release form must be signed by a parent or guardian. This rule will be strictly enforced.You warrant that your entry is not, and its use by the University will not, infringe the rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.
  10. Copyrighted Images/Subjects:  Copyrighted, trademarked products, packaging, brand names and advertisements may not be used.
  11. Electronic Resolution and Format:  Artwork is to be submitted in electronic format with a resolution of 300 dpi and in jpg/pdf format. (Note: poster winner will be requested to resubmit poster at higher resolution for reproduction purposes.) 
  12. Binding decision: A decision of the University in relation to the conduct of this Prize, including the selection of winning entries, is binding and conclusive and no correspondence will be entered into.