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Rethink your drink

The issue of disposable coffee cups

At USC Sunshine Coast approximately 250,000 disposable compostable coffee cups / lids are sold each year which equates to approximately 4.2 tonnes of waste.

Since 2016 the onsite composter (OSCA) reached capacity for processing all of the dry paper compostable waste products (ie coffee cups) sold on campus which means that there is an excess of waste going to landfill that cannot be composted.

We need everyone to help spread the word to be coffee conscious and bring your own cup when you purchase a hot beverage on campus to reduce unnecessary waste going to landfill.

Why bring your own (BYO) cup?

Every time you bring and use your own reusable cup you are helping to reduce waste to landfill and detrimental impacts on the environment. It takes approximately 4-5 cups of coffee to pay back the cost of a reusable cup and if you choose to buy from outlets that offer a discount or deal as an incentive you can save more money each year! 

Clean your cup before use

When you bring your own cup please be sure to clean it before giving to staff. There are a number of kitchenettes on campus where you can wash up your cup such as the Brasserie and Level 1, Building E.

BYO cup friendly coffee outlets

All coffee outlets on the USC Sippy Downs campus are BYO cup friendly. Some outlets at Sippy Downs campus offer discounts for BYO cup users and some also sell reusable cups!

Outlet Discount for BYO cup users Sells reusable cups
Sports Cafe @ Sunshine Coast Ask at counter YES
Good Bean @ Sunshine Coast $ 0.50 discount for BYO cup users YES
Cup of E @ Sunshine Coast $ 0.50 discount for BYO cup users YES
Cafe C @ Sunshine Coast Ask for weekly special deals No
Brasserie Cafe @ Sunshine Coast None No
Bellissimo @ Moreton Bay Ask at counter YES

Borrow ware

To address the excessive consumption of disposable coffee cups on campus and feel like drinking your coffee on the go but forgot your reusable cup? Café C provides a range of preloved mugs and cups that you can choose to borrow and bring back when you like. It’s easy, just ask for a borrow cup instead of a disposable cup when you order a coffee, tea or hot beverage and away you go!

Download the USC disposable coffee cup and catering supplies guide (PDF 380KB)

Borrow cup cycle