Academic facilities - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Academic facilities

The University has a range of innovative teaching and study facilities supported by the latest technology. These include:

  • lecture theatres
  • science laboratories, including exercise science and nursing laboratories 
  • computer laboratories, including computer-based art and design laboratories and multimedia, editing and plot rooms
  • a state of the art engineering workshop
  • collaboration and visualisation studios
  • moot court
  • tutorial rooms

Contact Venues Services for more information.

Lecture theatres

Facility Location Seating capacity
LT1 Adjacent to Business Building (K Building) 295 + 7 wheelchair
LT2 Adjacent to Business Building (K Building) 200 + 4 wheelchair
LT3 Science, Health and Education Building (I Building) 114 + 5 wheelchair
LT4 Science, Health and Education Building (I Building) 50 + 5 wheelchair
LT5 Business Building (K Building) 45 + 2 wheelchair
LT6 Business Building (K Building) 109 + 3 wheelchair
LT7 Chancellery (C Building) 248 + 3 wheelchair            
LT8       Business Building (K Building) 105 + 3 wheelchair
EG.18 Tiered Learning Space E Building 75 + 2 wheelchair
H2.G.02 Collaboration Studio Science, Health and Education Building (Building H2)  66 + 2 wheelchair

All lecture theatres are air-conditioned and are in tiered seating layout. IT support and set-up is an additional cost.

Tutorial rooms

Facility Location Seating capacity
CG.39-50 C Building     24
C1.39-50 C Building 24
C1.40 C Building 50
DG.46 D Building 32
DG.47/48 D Building 56
D1.47-52 D Building 24-36
EG.13 E Building 48
EG.14 E Building 40
EG.20 E Building 24
EG.22, 23 E Building 30
E1.03 E Building 16
E1.04 E Building 24
E1.20 21 E Building 30
H1.G.45 H1 Building 60
H1.G.51, 52 H1 Building 42
H2.1.01, 02 H2 Building 42
H2.2.01, 06 H2 Building 26
H2.2.09,10 H2 Building 36 #
IG.01-03* I Building 16
JG.02 J Building 28
J2.01, 10 J Building 34-36
KG.06, 07 K Building  16
KG.09* K Building  22
KG.46-48 K Building  18-20
KG.06, 07 K Building  16
S1 Stadium Corporate Box 50-80
T1.22, 23 T Building 20-25

* Not air-conditioned, fans only. #Mixed seating styles.

Tutorial rooms are set up in a classroom or work group formation (desks and chairs). The client is responsible for returning the room to its previous layout on completion of hire. Use of the in-room smart technology is included in hire cost. IT support and set-up is an additional cost.