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A local story

Local story and artwork to contextualise the Reconciliation Action Plan

Mr Lyndon Davis is from the Moolooah River and Sunshine Coast Gubbi Gubbi/Kabi Kabi Country and a Senior Fellow of the University. Mr Davis officiates at major University events by providing Welcomes to Country and is a highly respected and valued member of the University Community. During his Welcomes Mr Davis generously shares his deep knowledge about Country and draws the audience's attention to the seasons and the significance of the local flora and fauna that are in abundance at that time, urging all present to continue the traditional ways of caring for land and Country. Mr Davis also shares his knowledge through his paintings and artworks which are present in many of the public areas of the USC Sunshine Coast Campus. The story of Weeyal is one of those narratives, which Mr Davis has powerfully represented and shared through this painting specifically commissioned for the Reconciliation Action Plan.


Weeyal (black cockatoo) flying low overhead tells me that rain is coming. The rain comes to feed the bunya trees so that we can harvest more fruit. Bunya trees are unique to the Sunshine Coast region and the traditional Rainmakers called for the bunya to grow and provide us with nourishment. The Rainmakers hold a feather from the Weeyal during ceremony to signify the strong bond with this totem animal. This artwork portrays Weeyal and the coming rain. The bunya trees along with the surrounding mountains and water holes are represented behind Weeyal. Nourishment and growth are depicted through this story.