Gloria Tamerre Petyarre: Leaves

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Gloria Tamerre Petyarre: Leaves


Leaves, polymer paint on canvas painting by Gloria Tamerre Petyarre.

Purchased from the Utopia Art exhibition, 2000.

  • Polymer paint on canvas
  • 1800 x 1120 mm
  • 1999

Gloria Tamerre Petyarre’s paintings deal with aspects of her country, from Dreamings to the delicate details of natural elements within the landscape. Informing all of Gloria Petyarre’s work is Awelye, which refers to women’s business, including the artist’s Dreamings and ceremonial body painting. Her Dreamings incorporate both animals and plants and consist of mountain devil lizard (arnkerrthe), bean (atnwerle), emu (ankerre), pencil yam (arlatyeye), grass seed (ntange) and small brown grass. She interprets these in imaginative and highly abstract designs that honor Atnangkere (Anungara) – her country. In this painting, Gloria Petyarre has covered the canvas with a multitude of short, curved strokes which shift in direction, generating flowing rhythms within the work. Gloria Tamerre Petyarre and her sister Ada Bird Petyarre, visited the University of the Sunshine Coast during the presentation of the Utopia Art exhibition at the University Gallery in 2000. The artist lives at the Mulga Bore (Akaye Soakage) near the Utopia community, north-east of Alice Springs NT. In the 1970s and 1980s, Gloria Petyarre, along with other women in the Utopia community, was involved in translating traditional stories derived from sand and body painting onto batik fabric lengths.

From material supplied by Dr Lisa Chandler.

Wondervision Postcard 5

  1. Watch this video clip of 'Bush Medicine Leaf', then again at the picture above. Can you identify any similarities?
  2. The mountain devil lizard features in the work of this artist. Watch this video clip of 'Mountain Devil Lizard' and study the way in which she uses colour and shape to to tell her story. Think of an animal or object you hold close and use similar brush stroking and colour to create your picture.
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