Ningura Napurrula: untitled 2

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Ningura Napurrula: untitled 2


Untitled polymer pain on linen painting by Ningura Napurrula.

Donated by Mr Chris Simon, Yanda Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs, NT.

  • Polymer paint on linen 
  • 180 cm x 300 cm 
  • 2002 

This painting by Ningura Napurrula relates to women’s ceremonies, secret knowledge and Tingari stories associated with her traditional country around Kiwirrkura WA. Her work deals with the activities of female ancestors and their journeys across the land. Her paintings frequently show the ceremonial sites, often situated around rock holes and clay pans, where women’s business is carried out and elders pass down their knowledge and stories.

In this painting the canvas is covered by a series of curvilinear forms composed of strong black lines which expand outwards. They are surrounded by a thick infill of layered dots which shift in colour from pale ochre to a pastel shade of orange. Together these form a series of pulsating shapes creating an interlocking pattern mapped out across the surface of the work. The rhythmic forms appear as both individual elements and one organic whole as they animate the landscape. Although Ningura Napurrula has not revealed specific information about this work, in other paintings by the artist, curved forms such as these symbolise the shape of a pregnant woman. They also relate to rockhole sites, such as Wirrulunga, which are sacred to Pintupi women and this connection between the bodily form of a woman, the act of birth and sites in her traditional country.

From material supplied by Dr Lisa Chandler.

Wondervision Postcard 4

  1. What is the main focus of Ningura Napurrula’s work?
  2. Research Ningura’s homelands. Write a 99 word story describing the places & events there.
  3. Visit the Galeria Aniela website and explore more of the work from this artist. Make notes about this style by examining other works.
  4. Compile 8 interesting dot points about her husband, Yala Yala Gibbs Tjungurrayi.
  5. Create a story of your own using some of the icons used by Ningura Napurrula.
    • Write a brief description of what your story is telling about you.
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