Nancy Ross NUNGURRAYI (deceased)

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Nancy Ross NUNGURRAYI (deceased)


Untitled polymer paint on linen painting by Nancy Ross NUNGURRAYI (deceased).

Donated by Mr Chris Simon, Yanda Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs, NT.

Nancy Ross Nungurrayi is a senior Pintupi artist. Her painting is a map of women’s ceremonial sites. They are located in a landscape of journey lines. These interconnected pathways intersect at numerous sacred sites, where women gathered bush foods and performed ritual activities. Less dominant areas of pattern and curved line work show features in the landscape such as tali (sandhills) and puli (rocky escarpments).

Nancy Ross Nungurrayi’s landscape is represented as a vast physical and spiritual map.

From material supplied by Dr Lisa Chandler.

How did Nancy Ross use colour?

Nancy Ross uses colours to show you the activities of the people of the desert in her painting.

Look at the colours in Nancy Ross’s painting. List every colour used by Nancy Ross in this painting.

Nancy Ross chose these colours because they are the colours of the desert. Aboriginal people sometimes make their paints from materials they find around them. This also influences the colours they use.

Make a painting of your camping trips using the paints in the classroom. Think about the colours you choose. Compare the colours in your painting to Nancy Ross’s colours. Explain the differences to a partner.

How do lines tell the story?

Nancy Ross uses line to show you the country in which her people live.

Flinders Range National Park. Dust storm at Wiluna, WA. Big Red sand dune, Simpson Desert.

Run a finger over the lines in the painting.

What words describe the lines? Record them in your journal.

Look at the icons.

Artwork icons representing campsite or waterhole, person, sandhill or cloud and meeting place.

View the lines in the painting again.

Draw activities of the people that these lines tell us about.

Think about ways the artist might have made the lines.

Use a cotton bud to make a line in this way using the colours Nancy used.

Make many lines close together. How difficult is it to do this?

What is a bird’s eye view?

Nancy looks down on the Earth from above when she paints.

Here is a photo taken from a plane.

Aerial view of a town.

Look closely at the photo to see all parts of it... roads, places where people live, water, natural areas.

Describe how this photo is the same as the painting by Nancy Ross.

Make a painting that represents this photo in the same way that Nancy Ross painted.

Make a bird’s eye painting of where you live in the same way that Nancy Ross painted.

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