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Untitled polymer paint on linen painting by Ningura NAPURRULA.

Donated by Mr Chris Simon, Yanda Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs, NT.

Ningura paints the country and women’s ceremonial places.

This landscape is significant as females in the past travelled through it, camping at particular sites and collecting bush foods.

There are rockhole sites and water soakages such as Palturunya and Wirrulnga, located east of the Kiwirrkura WA.

From material supplied by Dr Lisa Chandler.

How did Ningura tell the story of her people?

Ningura uses lines and shapes to show you the activities of the people of the desert in her painting. Ningura’s painting is very exciting, with many lines and shapes.

Artwork icons representing campsite or waterhole, person, sandhill or cloud and meeting place.

Describe the shapes to your partner.

Draw the shapes or groups of shapes that make up this painting.

Think about what Ningura was telling us with each shape.

Think about what people do where they live... Talk? Meet? Play?

Look at the icons to help you.

What activity might each shape be telling you? Record what you think in your journal.

Answer the question: How did Ningura tell the story of her people?

What did Ningura like to paint?

Ningura uses painting to show you the activities of the people of the desert. Look at Ningura’s painting closely to see the activities in a camp where the people live.

Draw objects you would have if you were camping with your family.

Look at the photo to start your thinking.

Camper trailer hitched to car.

Draw what you do when camping.

Look at this photo of the desert where Ningara’s people lived.

Desert landscape of shrubs and trees.

How might Ningura’s people have camped differently from your family?

Draw what they might have had in the desert.

What colours did Ningura use?

Ningura uses colours to show you the activities of the people of the desert in her painting.

Look at the colours in Ningura’s painting. List every colour used by Ningura in this painting.

Ningura chose these colours because they are the colours of the desert. Aboriginal people sometimes make their paints from materials they find around them. This also influences the colours they use.

Make a painting of your camping trips using the paints in the classroom. Think about the colours you choose. Compare the colours in your painting to Ningura’s colours. Explain the differences to a partner.

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