Pegleg TJAMPITJINPA (deceased)

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Pegleg TJAMPITJINPA (deceased)


Untitled polymer paint on linen painting by Pegleg TJAMPITJINPA.

Donated by Mr Chris Simon, Yanda Aboriginal Art, Alice Springs, NT.

Pegleg’s story tells of his people’s journeys across the land during Tjukurrpa, or creation time. This was when they made their rules and rituals.

What do the shapes mean?

Pegleg’s painting shows the activities of the Aboriginal people of the desert long ago.

Draw the individual shapes you can see in the painting.The shapes have meaning.

Groups of circles inside each other show resting places, water holes or sacred sited. Lines show journey paths or walking tracks.

What activities do the shapes tell us about?

What are the groups of Aboriginal people doing?

What do the circular shapes mean? 

What do the lines mean? 

If the picture that follows shows waterholes connected by water, what might some of the other combinations mean? Choose one and explain it.

Artist water icon.

How are shapes designed and used in paintings?

Pegleg’s painting shows the activities of the Aboriginal peoples of the desert of long ago. Pegleg told us about meeting places, water holes and journeys. Many paintings include other features of the environment in their work.

Look at the following photo. List what you see.

The Culvida Soak along the CSR, WA.

How could Pegleg have included these extra features in his painting?

What icons might he have used?

Create icons to represent these other features.

How does an artist think when painting?

Pegleg’s painting shows the activities of the Aboriginal peoples of the desert of long ago. The shapes have meaning.

Create a painting of your school grounds showing meeting places and paths. Using your own painting style. You might include:

  • places where you and your friends get together at lunch time 
  • places where the whole school gets together

Compare your painting with Pegleg’s painting.

Explain how the paintings look different.

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