Rhizomorphosis SITE 85 - Morphing the Mangroves | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Rhizomorphosis SITE 85 - Morphing the Mangroves

Thursday 1 April - Saturday 1 May

Artwork: Kurt Brereton, Site 85 No 1 - Morphing the Mangroves 2004, 240 cm x 120cm, mixed media on paper Few people venture into the Orphic world of the mangroves. Kurt Brereton grew up amongst them just south of the Sunshine Coast. Enter and experience a rhizomatic lateral world of pneumatophores, soldier crabs and cicadas. Mangroves are both sites of creation and renewal, decay and death. These littoral vital organs of our environment are rapidly disappearing under the weight of urban and industrial development.

For Brereton, these beautiful, mysterious and uncanny zones play an integral role as seamless joins between place and identity and serve as metaphors and models for our post-modern heterotopic society.

Site 85 is an installation of mixed media and paper constructions, sculptures and digital sound and video projection.

Image: Kurt BRERETON Morphing the mangroves 2004. Mixed media on paper 240 cm x 120cm. Courtesy of the artist.