Time Place Space by Mandy McGuire and Andrew Dixon | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Time Place Space by Mandy McGuire and Andrew Dixon

Artwork: Mandy McGuire, Ten weeks, oil on canvas, 1500mm x 1100mm, 2005. Thursday 4 May - Saturday 3 June

Observing the characteristics of time, space and place, McGuire and Dixon create an exhibition of spatial phenomena.

Mandy McGuire's mostly figurative paintings construct a sense of time and timelessness through the manipulation of space within a constructed place. The images act as a narrative suggestive of a situation or a memory.

Time is further explored through Andrew Dixon's layered, process-driven artworks, beginning with the grid as a formal element and successive layers of mark-making built to document time as a process. The Artwork: Andrew Dixon, Enigma in Blue2, oil on canvas, 350mm x 350mm, 2005. paintings become an exploration of time as a continuum, showing the interplay of the flat and the virtual.

Image (top): Mandy MCGUIRE Ten weeks 2005. Oil on canvas 1500mm x 1100mm. Courtesy of the artist.

Image (bottom): Andrew DIXON Enigma in blue2. Oil on canvas, 350mm x 350mm. Courtesy of the artist.