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Design Students Mid-Year Exhibition

Thursday 14 June 2007 – Friday 29 June 2007

Computer art combines, disrupts and ignores the prevailing traditional forms of art to challenge our perception in this exhibition designed, executed and displayed by advanced Computer-Based Art and Design students. With guidance from lecturers, students use and explore technology within a framework of past, current and future global issues to present artistic responses.

Their research enables them to extend their analytical engagement with the changing aspects of technology, with the computer, and with implications for human and cultural identity. Using metaphors and symbols as signs for real experience, the art presents as a static theatre printed on canvas or paper. By using the computer where more traditional artists would use a paintbrush or pencil, students create fresh rules for digital artistic direction.

Advances in imaging technology have made us all more visually aware and the work will represent the visual in the form of the unfamiliar and the unpredictable to show what is to be and what is possible.

Image: Tim YOUNG 'Control' 2007. Digital image print on satin paper. Courtesy of the artist.