Grassland: Yvonne Mills-Stanley | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Grassland: Yvonne Mills-Stanley

18 February–29 March

Yvonne Mills-Stanley is a well-known Queensland artist who has been painting since the mid-1960’s. In the last few years, her work has focused on the spirituality of grass inspired by the drought-ravaged but former grasslands areas of western Queensland. Living in coastal Queensland, we are not witness to the ‘big dry’ and Mills-Stanley explores the changes brought on by human intervention and climate change, painting the sculptural effects of wind in grass and taking a less literal, more abstract look at the grasslands. More recently her work looks at our own “back paddock” with stacked hay bales eerily poised and barely balancing, a further comment on the changing landscape.

Image: Yvonne MILLS-STANLEY Baled up VI 2007. Oil on linen 1500 x 1500mm. Courtesy of the artist.