Light and Soul: Dr Park Nam Hee | UniSC | University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Light and Soul: Dr Park Nam Hee

Korean artist Park Nam Hee's vivid digital images fuse prehistoric Korean symbols and imagery with fractal forms, evoking layers of time and interconnected human experience—from ancient eras to our current 21st-century existence.

Her luminous, richly coloured works contain an abundance of organic forms—they pulse with life and draw us into an engaging encounter with the rhythmic energy of the natural world.

The artist's works are produced on different materials, including silk, which enables her to build semi-transparent layers of soft surfaces and shimmering colour. Park Nam Hee is also interested in how artistic expressions can have a presence in everyday life and so she has experimented with reformatting her creative work in applied design contexts.

Co-curated with Dr Lisa Chandler, USC Lecturer.

Park NAM HEE Sun and moon 2006. Digital image on fabric. Courtesy of the artist.