In my shoes: Intimacy - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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In my shoes: Intimacy

Friday 23 — Monday 26 August
Thursday 29 August — Sunday 1 September
30 min sessions
10:30am — 2.30pm

In my shoes: Intimacy is a 360-degree virtual reality experience that explores the power of human connection.

Put aside your inhibitions, sit down with another person and look into their eyes. Let these strangers guide you through their impromptu, unconventional and intense moments of intimacy through virtual reality.

In my shoes: Intimacy is a first-person documentary by immersive-theatre creator Jane Gauntlett that tells the stories of two strangers, two comrades and two lovers. It explores the importance of intimacy in survival, relationships and sexuality from a first-person perspective. In my shoes is an ever-expanding collection of first-person, documentary-style interactive performances, which guide participants through the beautiful, the challenging, the mundane and the surreal aspects of being human.

Presented by Jane Gauntlett and Experimenta as part of Horizon Festival 2019.

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Bookings are for a 30min session for two people.

Not suitable for participants under 15 years of age.

Participants are encouraged to cloak coats/bags and get comfortable next to each other on the couch.

Participants are not allowed to leave couch while wearing headset but can reposition their body to mirror experience in the headset.

The facilitator will introduce the participant to artwork and equipment, put the headset on each participant one at a time and then activate the program to play in sync.

Time is allocated at the end of the session to allow the participants to debrief the experience with each other on the couch.

About the artist

Jane Gauntlett is a writer, designer and producer of interactive experiences. She has spent more than ten years working in interactive theatre, film and games. Her narrative-driven works explore the capacity for technology to intensify audience experience.

In 2009 Gauntlett began working with audio technology and video goggles (Vuzix). She has since gone on to design experiences for Oculus Rift DK2 and Samsung Gear. She has worked as an artist and speaker for a diverse range of organisations and commercial companies including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Watershed Pervasive Media Studio, the UK’s National Health Service, Unilever, Saatchi & Saatchi, and with technology developers working in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and haptics.