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Johns Landing: a story of respect, of people and place

Wednesday 19 June 

A panel chaired by Associate Professor Claudia Baldwin that will discuss how Johns Landing provided more than shelter for its long term residents.

This is a story of people of extreme disadvantage living in a place, John’s Landing, a camping site on the beautiful Noosa river. It involves a compassionate Johns’ family who accepted all arrivals and fostered a warm humanity. It was an affordable basic sanctuary, a contrast to wealthier downstream neighbours of Noosa.

More than anything, this is a story or respect. Respect the Johns’ family showed to its residents, respect from Noosa Regional Council in facilitating the relocation of residents, and respect by Kim Guthrie, the artist whose photographs capture these survivors in confronting images.

Embedded in this story is an underlying sub-text that will be addressed by the panel. The relocation of these disadvantaged people could have made national headlines if it had been handled badly; but it wasn’t. Why?

Many programs dealing with homelessness recognise that its fundamental cause is not a shortage of housing but mental health and other issues. But disadvantaged people can’t begin to deal with their personal issues until they have a secure home. Did Johns Landing provide more than simple shelter? Did it provide security, and if so how important was that for the next stage of their lives?

Panellists include:

Associate Professor Claudia Baldwin lecturer in regional and urban planning, and researcher in social change in association with the Sustainability Research Centre, USC (Chair)
Steve Kelly Relocation Facilitator, Noosa Regional Council
Kim Guthrie artist
Lee Banfield Coast2Bay Housing Group

Held in conjunction with River's Edge: Kim Guthrie.

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