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Myall Creek and beyond

Myall creek and beyond

1 February to 24 april 2021

On the afternoon of Sunday 10 June 1838, a group of eleven convicts and ex-convict stockmen led by a squatter brutally slaughtered a group of twenty-eight Aboriginal men, women and children who were camped peacefully at the station of Myall Creek in the New England region. 

Although many other massacres of indigenous people occurred during the Frontier Wars across Australia, this one had special significance because it was the only time when white men were arrested, charged and hung for the massacre of First Nation Peoples following a police investigation. 

Produced in partnership with the Friends of Myall Creek Memorial, Myall Creek and beyond is an exhibition of works by a group of leading contemporary indigenous artists who participated in an artist residency program in regional NSW. The artists worked with local communities to create new works for the exhibition to explore the issues and complexities of the Myall Creek Massacre and its aftermath locally and nationally. The exhibition explores this difficult shared history to increase awareness and considered discourse about these events and their continued impact on both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

A New England Regional Art Museum Touring Exhibition assisted by the Australia Government’s Visions of Australia program.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this exhibition contains images, names, and voices of people who are deceased.


Robert Andrew, Fiona Foley, Julie Gough, Colin Isaacs, Jolea Isaacs, Quarralia Knox and Radical Son (David and Tim Leha), Carol McGregor, Laurie Nilsen, Judy Watson and Warraba Weatherall.


Dr Bianca Beetson

Robert Andrew
Reveal 2018
Ochres, oxides, aluminium, acrylic, electro-mechanical elements
© the artist, courtesy the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane


Artist Group, Myall Ck

Join us for an afternoon of discussion unpacking the exhibition Myall Creek and beyond with curator Bianca Beetson and artists Fiona Foley, Carol McGregor and Judy Watson.

Myall Creek
catalogue available

An illustrated catalogue featuring essays by guest curator Bianca Beetson and other writers produced to accompany Myall Creek and beyond is available to purchase from the Gallery for $30.