Emily Larkin - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Emily Larkin

Bachelor of Communication 2013, Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 2015 

Dual degree graduate Emily Larkin is a published author who has also published numerous short stories with literary magazines. Her dream to become a published author became a reality with her illustrated children’s book, The Whirlpool, launched by Australian publishing firm Wombat Books in 2017.

The children’s book was originally an assignment for a creative writing class, but after attending literary conferences, sending multiple emails and securing editor’s appointments, Emily learnt everything she needed to know about the children’s publishing realm, and pitched her story until it was picked up by Wombat Books.

The Whirlpool deals with mental illness and the highs and lows of life. Emily describes it as symbolising ‘a torrent of overwhelming emotions… I think most people, at one point or another, feel overwhelmed, sad, lonely or worried'.

Emily has also published fiction in online literary journals, including Seizure, Meniscus, The Zodiac Review and Number Eleven Magazine. Emily is currently studying for a Doctor of Creative Arts at USC majoring in creative writing and actively supports other research students with their editing and creative ideas via USC literary group ‘Brave’.