Megan Leane - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Megan Leane

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics 2013

After graduating from USC, Megan researched locations that were underserviced in her field and chose Gladstone to establish herself as the only ‘practising private dietitian’ in the region when the new Gladstone GP Super Clinic opened its doors.

Over the past four years, Megan’s clinic has grown from one day a week to a full-time practice employing two other nutrition and dietetics professionals. Not only has Megan's clinical care setting broadened, she has also accepted government, corporate and community contracts for QLD Health, Gladstone Ports Corporation, Gladstone Regional Council and Headspace Gladstone.

Megan has volunteered over 400 hours in her local community and profession through a range of activities including school workshops, canteen menu development, sporting group support, free healthy breakfasts, cooking classes, and mentoring of new graduate dietitians. She has also sponsored several local athletes competing nationally and internationally, utilising nutrition to improve their sports performance.

Using innovative ideas to adapt and grow her practice and professional work in the changeable local mining industry, Megan has produced a range of online services at low cost for her clientele, including online consultations, meal plans, and recipe books, which provide a viable alternative to face-to-face consultations.

In 2016 Megan was awarded “Young Business Leader Under 30 Years Old” at the Gladstone Observer’s Best in Business Awards. This award recognises individuals who go above and beyond their business obligations to serve their local community, whilst demonstrating business innovation in an ever-changing environment.