Outstanding Alumnus 2020 Colin Vale - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Outstanding Alumnus 2020 Colin Vale

Outstanding Alumnus 2020 Colin Vale

17 Aug 2021

Colin Vale was named the Outstanding Alumnus of the Year in 2020 for his work at Anitua Group on Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Under his leadership, the organisation transformed into the most successful and largest landowner Group of Companies in PNG, growing to more than 4,500 staff and 20 companies operating all over PNG in a diverse range of businesses including mining services, camp catering and management, retail, construction, agriculture and security.

But one of Colin's proudest achievements related to his campaign to eliminate violence against women in PNG.

"It started slowly but evolved and transformed into a nationwide movement over a few years," Colin said.

"If you have a champion that is as passionate as you are about the eliminating violence against women, then give them the resources and freedom they need to make a difference.

"It was a fantastic feeling to know we had made a difference. To have female employees tell me how proud they were to work for us and how they felt protected convinced me we were achieving results.

"It was a team effort and whilst I was the head of the group I had an absolute gun in Dr Van Leeuwen leading the charge.

"If the cause is worthy then it’s not hard to get the buy in you need. Education, creating awareness and being passionate and driven can change a culture."

Colin Vale


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