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Economic empowerment

Improving livelihood through economic empowerment

Growing the economies of remote areas is key to enhancing standards of living. We see economic development as one of the most effective instruments to foster positive change and to generate prosperity in developing countries.

Through target-oriented capacity building, we aim to create new jobs, leading to reduced poverty.

To achieve this, we offer training sessions and short courses, mainly concentrating on promoting entrepreneurship, developing governance frameworks, empowering women in leading positions, improving competitiveness, strengthening leadership, and business and entrepreneurial skills.

All our programs have a strong commitment to women’s empowerment.

The USC Business School is committed to delivering business education that keeps pace with the constantly evolving global business environment.

This underpins our approach to promoting entrepreneurship and business opportunities to benefit the poor.

Situated in USC Noosa, we work collaboratively with USC’s academics, entrepreneurs and external specialists to offer a wide skills base that is applicable to each individual problem.

Guided by our standard to always collaborate with regional experts, we not only leverage local talent to solve local problems but also ensure a perfect fit for the conditions on the ground. This in-country expertise makes us outstanding in our field and supports our mission to effectively bring about positive change.

To date, we have delivered more than 100 projects worldwide, working closely with governments, donors and businesses. Our work has impacted hundreds of people all over the world, providing them with essential knowledge and skills.