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Australia Awards Fellowship - Indonesia

Strengthening research capacity to enhance democracy, decentralised governance and development (Indonesia)

A delegation of Indonesian government officials recently completed a five-week course at USC to build new knowledge and skills to support community development initiatives across Indonesia.

17 staff from the Research and Development Agency of Indonesia’s Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) undertook the program at USC is in September 2015.

The USC course was designed to help the officials collect, use and analyse data that is current and relevant to community development. The skills will assist MOHA to make informed decisions about development and help to progress its vision for good governance throughout Indonesia.

USC provided the staff with a theoretical basis for large scale data collection through a series of lectures, workshops and practical examples. The course also helped develop analytical skills to better evaluate the impact of research and for the participants to reflect on and review their own skill sets.

During the program, the group travelled to Sydney and Canberra visiting relevant research institutes at the University of Sydney, the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences (ABARES), Tourism Research Australia and the Australian National University.

The program was funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia Awards Fellowships, with support from Indonesia’s Willi Toisuta and Associates, who arrange in-country participants, and the Research and Development Agency of MOHA.

Whilst in Australia, the Fellows also experienced local culture and sights: among them a local BBQ at the beach, visiting Australia Zoo, Noosa National Park, the Australian War Memorial, and Parliament House in Canberra.