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Increasing education capacity in Papua

Working to improve the quality of education and education systems towards global standards for Papuan children

USC CIDSEL is currently leading the Government Partnerships For Development (GPFD): Increasing education capacity in Papua, Indonesia program. The project is in collaboration with the Papuan Provincial Government, Department of Education and Culture and the Papuan district governments to develop the competence of teachers and teacher education systems towards global standards.

At the end of the project in September 2016, the GPFD will have engaged more than 1400 Papuan education professionals, 25 USC staff, 8 alumni teachers and 60 Papuan master coaches in transformative education skills focusing on child-centred learning approaches and improved school leadership structures and management.

USC is the only university development agency working in Papua. Our partnership with the Papuan Provincial Government, Department of Education extends more than eight years culminating in this far-reaching outstanding project.

Master of Primary coaches lead activities
Reaching into remote corners to grow education in Papua

The project is building the knowledge and skills of primary school and special education teachers, school principals, education officials and tertiary teacher educators of the four regional primary teacher education colleges (KPGs) including Wamena and the University of Cenderawasih.

The program uses existing education facilities in Wamena, Nabire, Timika, Merauke and Jayapura to reach and enable the widest possible range of education professionals from geographically isolated and remote areas of Papua to attend the workshops. Activities focus on improving teacher competencies, delivering stronger curriculum outcomes with Papuan centred pedagogies including the use of Mother-tongue, and improving school leadership structures to help build more effective schools and supportive school communities.

GPFD Jayapura
High-quality professional and project expertise 

A team of USC international education specialists together with USC-Papuan alumni and Papuan master coaches are leading more than 20 two-week workshops in the Papuan regional centres as well as 4 workshops in Australia. The project is supported by major co-contributions by USC senior practitioners and the Papuan provincial and district governments. USC also enlists the valued knowledge and skills of Indonesian education consultants, Waka Tata Akademika (WTA), our appointed implementation partner in-country. USC Centre for International Development, Social Entrepreneurship and Leadership leads and manages all academic components, administrative, financial and logistical requirements for the project including bi-annual Progress Reports to DFAT and USC research.

Participants in ME surveys
Ensuring outcomes with participatory monitoring and evaluation processes (M&E)

USC is responsible for the design and delivery of quantitative and qualitative participatory-based monitoring and evaluation processes to confirm the validity of inputs and ensure the outputs build on and improve the outcomes during the life of the program. We engage an independent M&E consultancy team (Springfields Group) with native Indonesian/ Papuan speakers to guarantee participant anonymity and elicit an open and candid exchange of information and data collection. Findings are presented in a full evaluation report on the completion of each workshop component. Near 20 per cent of participants contribute to a longitudinal impact evaluation assessment. USC academic staff have already begun collaborative research projects on collected data with Papuan alumni and collegiate Indonesian universities.