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Building sustainable team culture

Today, more than ever, coaches and sport administrators recognise that one of the key factors for the success (or failure) of their team, club or organisation is their ability (or inability) to build a productive culture. Old ways and styles of team culture that have previously ‘worked’ often do not produce effective outcomes in today's sporting environments. The impact that our modern societal conditions have on culture is significant and in many ways, this conditioning has negatively impacted the development of a high performance culture.

In this workshop, we define what culture is and simplify ways to understand your own team, club or organisation culture. Next, we describe what a high performance culture looks, sounds and feels like. Finally, we create a system to develop a desired culture and maintain accountability to these behavioural standards. It is all about creating sustainable success.

The key learning objectives are:

  1. Define the terminology of culture and what a high performance culture is
  2. Discuss a framework to create a desired culture
  3. Build a system of accountability towards a new culture
  4. Learn how to navigate the difficult transition period between the current culture and your desired culture

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