Pinnacle practice: Safeguarding inclusion in the sporting arena - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Pinnacle practice: Safeguarding inclusion in the sporting arena

Topics covered in this course include;

  • Inclusiveness in sport: the Oztag story
  • Inclusiveness in competition sport: everyone is involved
  • Inclusiveness in community programs: the Mooroo-Mooroo Program
  • Challenges in sport: Growing up with a disability and wanting to participate in mainstream sport
  • Discovering wheelchair basketball: Invaluable in Bridie's life
  • Opportunities and challenges: Diversity and equity in a sporting career 
  • Wheelchair basketball: A model for equity in sport
  • Embracing diverse abilities in teams: Synergy at work
  • Reverse inclusion: Future opportunities for inclusion in sport

This is a hands-on workshop. We get you out on the field for an Oztag demo and onto the court for wheelchair basketball.

Speakers: Brendan Powell and Dr Bridie Kean

Brendan Powell is Director, Business Operations of QLD Oztag, a social, non-contact sport. Brendan has written and developed a number of community based programs; in particular, the Mooroo-Mooroo Indigenous program, which is a free program to improve the physical and mental health of Indigenous communities through participation in sport. To date, participation in Far North Queensland and South East Queensland exceeds 11,000 people. Brendan has also implemented a Correctional Services program that was successfully piloted in 2012 with 80 inmates participating at Woodford Prison. In 2009, Brendan implemented Oztag as a sporting initiative for Queensland primary schools.

Dr Bridie Kean is an Australian Paralympic wheelchair basketball dual medallist. As captain of the Australian Gliders wheelchair basketball team, Bridie guided the team to a silver medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. She was also a member of the bronze medal winning team in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. During her international career (2008 - 2015) Bridie received a full athletic scholarship to play collegiate basketball at the University of Illinois (2008 - 2011). In addition, she was the first Australian female to play professionally for the German National League where she won a national championship with HSV Hamburg Damen (2013). Bridie has won two national championship titles in the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League (2014 and 2017).