Sport marketing and media: How to create and manage your athlete brand - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Sport marketing and media: How to create and manage your athlete brand

Get your brand right.

In the world of social media, branding has never been more important. But your personal or club brand is more than just a logo or Facebook page – it’s how athletes, sponsors and supporters see you, and how you communicate your goals and achievements to the wider community.

Presented by experts in sports media and marketing, this course covers the importance of branding for individual athletes and clubs. Topics include how to build and position a brand, what your brand says about you, how to develop a media profile, and how to leverage your brand to attract sponsorship and media coverage.

Dr David Fleischman, USC Lecturer in Marketing

Dr David Fleischman is a Lecturer in Marketing at USC, and has been working to help develop USC’s High Performance Student Athlete experience brand. David’s sporting background includes a swimming scholarship to University of Georgia, where he competed at the national level. He also has elite swim coaching experience, having worked with national, international and Olympic swimmers at the top club and university levels in the US, and periodically with the USC Spartans Paralympic swim squad.

Dr Peter English, USC Lecturer in Journalism

Dr Peter English is a Lecturer in Journalism at USC. He is also a sports journalist, and has written for numerous Australian and international publications over two decades. Peter’s chief research area is sports journalism, with an emphasis on its journalists, content and social media.