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Masterclass in Steiner Primary School Education

Transform your practice

Delivered on site at UniSC in Sippy Downs, QLD or via Zoom, this course is for primary school educators and teachers and those currently working in Steiner schools or familiar with Steiner’s pedagogy who are interested in evolving and deepening their understanding, practice and pedagogy of Steiner Education in primary school, years 1-7.

Consider this course if you are interested in evolving and transforming your practice to meet the needs of children in Australia today, exploring approaches that are, by their nature, expansive and dynamic, and which strive to meet a range of abilities and capacities to meet the requirements of a fast-moving world where we seem to only value that which we can measure. Focusing on deepening and developing our teaching, the course aims to provide current teachers with discussions and workshops that support excellence in classroom teaching and learning. Class teachers and subject teachers are welcome, as are administrators and parents who have an understanding of Steiner Education.

Why is it called a masterclass?

We have called these short courses ‘Masterclasses’ because we are assuming prior knowledge of the fundamental elements of Steiner Education and hoping to create an opportunity for you to expand your expertise and practice. In this Masterclass, we already share an understanding that:

  • ‘The most important thing is the inner bond between student and teacher’ (Steiner, 1997). The relationship is at the heart of the matter when it comes to building optimum learning and teaching environments
  • Teaching arises out of individual development and evolution. Teachers reflect a ‘growth mindset’ and facilitate lessons throughout the day to meet the needs of all students: the students are the text that we read from. Teachers are interested in what it means to ‘educate with heart’ and how students of different abilities can journey together through the year
  • Steiner Education is an art, the journey is a process, the goal is not singular. Masterclass teachers are dynamic and evolving and aware of the creativity necessary to design lessons and experiences that nourish and inspire adolescents, meeting them where they are at, and showing them where they might go
  • Teachers understand where students are in their development. They innovate to ensure that the wide range of abilities and capacities have relevant tasks that encourage them to discover what they know and what they can do, and how to get beyond that. They are seen for who they are and not just what they can do
  • The Right Thing at the Right Time is not an ideology, but a pedagogy. Using a trans-disciplinary approach and relevant tasks, lessons are engaging for all students.

‘It’s so great to have other work colleagues here, this builds enthusiasm as well as a feeling of school community. I fully recommend promoting this within our schools when we get back.’

‘Many thanks. I love walking away from a course empowered and less concerned about the future. I LOVED the practical ideas and strategies.’


Tuesday 17 January 2023

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What you will receive

UniSC Certificate of Participation worth 7 hours of professional development.

Course leader

This course is being coordinated by Dr Shelley Davidow who was a pioneering Waldorf/Steiner graduate in South Africa and who has taught every age and year level in Steiner schools in the USA and Australia over the past 20 years. She is a senior lecturer in curriculum and pedagogy at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and is the coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education. Shelley is also a trained facilitator in restorative practice as well as a HeartMath Personal Resilience Trainer and runs workshops nationally and internationally on creative writing, sustainable teaching, creativity, social justice in schools, and mitigating the effects of stress on young people. The international author of 45 books, her recent titles include Shadow Sisters, (UQP, 2018), Fail Brilliantly (Familius, 2017) Playing with Words (Macmillan Palgrave, UK, 2016) Whisperings in the Blood, (UQP, 2016) and Raising Stress-Proof Kids (Exisle/Familius 2014/2015).

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Focus for the day is on creative teaching for primary school teachers during challenging times; mapping the year ahead; Indigenous ways of being and knowing in Steiner schools. Course includes a lecture, workshops, discussions and creative activities.