HDR Confirmation Seminar: Calista Theron - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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HDR Confirmation Seminar: Calista Theron

We would like to invite you to attend the Confirmation of Calista Theron, a Masters of Sport and Exercise Science by Research candidate in the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences.

Thesis Title: MRI review of ACL reconstruction 9 months post-surgery with comparison of 4 surgical techniques.

Abstract:  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is a relatively common but devastating event that occurs in sport and everyday living. In spite of more than 50 years of research investigating the prevention and treatment of ACL injury, the incidence across several countries continues to rise, making research into the injury even more important. A considerable body of literature describes both the injury mechanisms and associated risk factors however, there is a lack of definitive knowledge surrounding graft type and technique and how it affects mid-term clinical and functional outcomes. With the help of a well-established surgeon and radiologist on the Sunshine Coast, we aim to compare 4 ACL reconstruction techniques to determine how they may impact ligamentisation and cross-sectional area of an ACL autograft at 9 months post-surgery.

The secondary aim of this study is to assess the functional and perceived abilities of patients post ACL reconstruction across the same 4 surgical techniques. This includes analysing patient recorded outcome measures (PROMS), knee injury and osteoarthritis outcomes scores (KOOS) and return to sports measures (RTS). Further topics include investigating the occurrence of localized anterior arthrofibrosis or "cyclops lesions" and the potential link between bone marrow oedema and the mid to long term success of ACL reconstructions.

It is expected that this research will help surgeons and other specialists gain a better understanding of how certain graft types respond structurally (ligamentisation/size) and functionally post ACL surgery and in turn, lead medical practitioners to make more reliable and informed decisions about graft choice and when a patient is ready to return to sport.

Bio:  My name is Calista and I graduated from the bachelor sport and exercise science at USC in 2018. Right before graduating, I tore my ACL and had to have reconstruction surgery. This sparked a new interest in lower limb injuries and with the help of my supervisor Mark Sayers, I began my master's thesis. Shortly after starting my postgrad, I got a job with Stryker Corporation as a clinical consultant in sports medicine where I attend theatre and assist surgeons with new products in knee and hip arthroscopy. I am excited about where my studies and career will take me!


We look forward to seeing you there!