HDR Final Thesis Seminar: Geoff Simon - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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HDR Final Thesis Seminar: Geoff Simon

​We would like to invite you to attend the HDR Final Thesis Seminar of Geoff Simon, a Doctor of Philosophy candidate in the School of Health and Behavioural Sciences. If you are external to USC and wish to participate via Zoom, please contact ASURE@usc.edu.au.

Thesis Title:

Impact and implications of the ageing population on anaemia management, patient blood management and unplanned blood use.


Ageing of the population is a relatively recent global phenomenon that brings a range of economic, social, healthcare and other challenges. In the healthcare context, older adults are often under-represented in research trials, despite being the largest consumers of a range of healthcare services and resources. This thesis examines the appropriateness of transfusion and patient blood management guidelines for the older adult population, explores aspects of the pathophysiology of ageing that impact resilience to the impacts of anaemia in older age, and examines clinical and demographic drivers of blood use on the Sunshine Coast. New knowledge created and published during the development of this thesis includes evidence that older adults require specific consideration in patient blood management and transfusion guidelines. A novel model of oxygen delivery across the lifespan at different haemoglobin levels brings insight to reasons that older adults are impacted differently than younger adults at levels of anaemia previously regarded as low risk. Analysis of the drivers of blood use in the Sunshine Coast's older population provides evidence-based support for supply and demand planning as the population ages.