SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by A/Prof Franzisca Weder - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by A/Prof Franzisca Weder

Please join us at the SRC (IC1.49A) and via Zoom when A/Prof Franzisca Weder, Director/Convenor, Master of Communication at UQ will give at talk entitled 'Reflexivity on Contradictions in Environmental Communication. How storycubes help to “re-story” sustainability related life-events in narrative inquiries'.

In this presentation, a new version of a “narrative inquiry“ is used to capture reflexions on experiences of environmental and sustainability communication over time. As well, it takes account of the cultural context and the related understanding of sustainable development as well as motives for sustainable behaviour in the individual biography.

Using Rory’s Story Cubes® (dices with symbols and pictograms) 50 interviewees from various cultural backgrounds were stimulated to “story” sustainability related life events into order and meaning. The evaluation of the interviews was then focused on the structure of the story, the “problematized” issues and (ab)used frames and metaphors for sustainable development.

Working with a feminist research approach (Pink, 2001), I would love to put this specific form of a narrative inquiry up for discussion, because I perceive these interviews as act of environmental communication itself, realizing reflexivity on power and equality of positions as well as contradictions.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. habil Franzisca Weder, Senior Lecturer at the University of Queensland, Brisbane (Australia), is researching, writing and teaching in the areas of Organizational Communication and Public Relations with a specific focus on Sustainability Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility.

She worked as Guest Professor at University of Alabama (USA), University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (GER), University of Waikato (NZ), RMIT (Melbourne, AUS) and University of Ilmenau (GER) parallel to being applied at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria, Dep. of Media and Communication Studies.

Franzisca Weder is Chair of the Austrian Association of Communication Studies and Vice-Chair of the International Environmental Communication Association (IECA) as well as Secretary of the Environmental Communication Division of the International Communication Association (ICA).