SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by A/Prof Kadi Warner - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by A/Prof Kadi Warner

Please join us at 12pm on 3 November at the SRC (IC1.49A) in person or via Zoom when A/Prof Kadi Warner will give a talk entitled 'Climate Justice: Follow the money!'

The accelerating and deepening impacts of climate change will not be borne equally or fairly, with poor developing countries who have contributed little to global GHG emissions bearing the brunt of global climate change. The lack of  bargaining power in international negotiations by developing countries has enabled developed countries to determine not only the amount of their climate finance contributions, but to frame climate finance not as compensation for historical emissions, which would establish responsibility and imply liability, but as a gesture of good will rather than as an obligation. Developing countries are facing a bleak future if current GHG emissions trends continue. Without recognition of climate justice as an underlying principle for access to financial and technological resources, millions of the most vulnerable will be at climate risk with limited opportunities to build adaptive capacity and strengthen resilience.

Dr Kadi Warner is a climate change and natural resource management specialist with over 35 years of experience in sustainable development, community-based resource management, policy and regulatory frameworks, rights and benefits with significant experience in the last 10 years on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Prior to transitioning to the Sunshine Coast in late 2017, Kadi was the Regional Senior Expert, Climate Change and Environment at the World Resources Institute, seconded to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and based in the Netherlands Embassy in Kampala. She coordinated the integration of climate change into the development programs of the Netherlands embassies in Sub-Saharan Africa and was a member of the Ministry’s Climate Team. As a member of the Ministry’s Climate Team she contributed to climate-related policy, position papers and reports, including the Netherlands climate finance report to the OECD and Parliament. Kadi has worked with governments, international agencies and organisations, and NGOs in Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Pacific.