SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by Dr Cherise Addinsall - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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SRC Brown Bag Lunch Presentation by Dr Cherise Addinsall

Please join us at the SRC via Zoom when Dr Cherise Addinsall, Research Associate at Southern Cross University, will give a talk entitled 'Agro-ecological tourism: regeneration of Indigenous knowledge systems'.

Dr Cherise Addinsall has research interests in:

  • bridging traditional and scientific knowledge systems for sustainable development; sustainable tourism, sustainable tourism certification;
  • diversifying rural economies (traditional and cash economies) by strengthening linkages between tourism, agriculture, infrastructure and industry; agroecology and sustainable livelihoods options for small island states;
  • supporting sustainable production and processing of niche commodities in which South Pacific countries have comparative advantage; supporting access to customary land;
  • enhancing resilience by supporting community vitality and social safety nets enhancing the livelihoods of women and marginalised people in the Pacific;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Pay for Environmental Services (PES) (with particular focus on the tourism sector), Sustainable/Ecotourism/Agricultural and cultural tourism development (agroecological tourism).