Capacity building - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Capacity building

Leveraging local talent to solve local problems.

We seek to make a genuine contribution and work collaboratively with partners to implement programs and create solutions for some of the world’s most challenging problems.

Our work is research-informed capacity building and our commitment is underpinned by our three pillars: create, collaborate, connect.
Our approach

We are the change — our work is capacity building. Wherever we go in the world we work to help create a healthy, resilient and sustainable future for people

  • our attention is focused on where help is needed and we have a depth of knowledge to call on
  • our teaching and learning teams are award-winning with expertise across health, education, engineering, science, digital technologies and communication –  knowledge clusters that are helping to transform lives
  • we work in modern facilities, including immersive 3-D simulation suites which offer the best interactive teaching opportunities in the world for engineers, scientists and health practitioners

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