Women's Leadership - University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Women's Leadership

Empowering women around the globe will allow us to reach international development goals and standards, while also improving the overall quality of life for everyone in the community.

Because the Sunshine Coast fully embraces these ideas, many women’s networking groups have been consistently popping up around the region.

USC’s Executive Study Tour is based on the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles, in order to support the world’s sustainable development goals.
  • The course uses experiential learning to support participants to develop their corporate leadership, professional and enterprise skills
  • Learning outcomes focus on communicating humanitarian and environmental awareness and equality through community initiatives

This small but growing metropolitan area is continuously making positive changes toward more gender equality in the workforce and community development.

Sample schedule/Activities



 Day 1
Arrive and check-in to hotel

Pick-up at Brisbane airport and check-in to Sunshine Coast hotel.

 Day 2
Tour of the Sunshine Coast and welcome dinner

Tour of the Sunshine Coast and welcome dinner

The tour provides an interesting perspective of some of the Coast’s treasured tourist assets:

  • Noosa Biosphere / National Park: Home to wildlife such as koalas and echidnas along the protected coastline where rainforest meets the sea.

  • Hinterland Montville / Maleny: Explore tropical rainforests and waterfalls.

  • Mount Coolum: A quick and easy hike to the top, at the bottom enjoy Coolum beach.

  • Welcome dinner: Guest speakers will engage you in the possibilities of your future.
 Day 3
Campus tour and Innovation Centre

Experience the unique blended learning capabilities of USC.

Enjoy a boardroom lunch and one-on-one time with some of the Asia-Pacific’s most innovative emerging and successful entrepreneurs.

 Day 4
One Million Women and STEMM

One Million Women is an inspirational movement of 450,000+ women and girls speaking up about gender and climate change.
STEMM is an award-winning support program for pregnant girls and young mothers - providing them with a non-judgemental environment and opportunities to develop self-worth, healthy relationships, physical & emotional well being, parenting, life skills and more.

 Day 5
Business and entrepreneurship

The Sunshine Coast Women’s Business Network does work in creating and maintaining mentoring programs and opportunities that transform local women’s lives and businesses.

Mums in Business and Entrepreneurship - Four women started the Powerhouse Co-op, a non-profit co-working space with an on-site nanny service. Encouraging and helping entrepreneurial parents with young children to be successful in their business.

 Day 6  
Recalibrating and cultural experience at Kitchen Carnival

Take a fun and relaxing cooking class at Kitchen Carnival, a global cooking experience brought to you by migrant women. Classes include: Vietnamese, Bangladeshi, Indian, Mauritian, Creole, and Persian cuisine. Hear the story of how these women came together from around the world to create their popular Sunshine Coast business.

 Day 7
Leadership, confidence and support

WomenSpeak is a public speaking circle that has helped thousands of women around the world find confidence about public speaking and develop their own powerful and authentic voice.

Women's Empowerment Sunshine Coast is a co-creative space for women's growth and transformation. WE provides their members is a fun and open supportive environment to connect, learn and support each other.

3 Day Fraser Island and Great Barrier Reef tour

1 Day Tour of Fraser Island - Fraser Island is a heritage-listed island located along the south-eastern coast of the state of Queensland, Australia. It is the world largest sand island stretching 120kms.

2 Day Tour of Lady Elliot Isla

nd - Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay located at the southern tip of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef. Situated within a highly protected ’Green Zone’ the island is a sanctuary for over 1,200 species of marine life and is known for its abundance of manta rays, turtles, and unspoilt coral reef.