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Kicking study goals: How to balance sport and university
8 Dec 2016

Do you have a sporty teenager? Going to university doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sporting achievements – or vice versa.

Need a translator? Common university terms explained
8 Dec 2016

The journey from high school to university is exciting, but it can also be confusing.

Mother helping concerned daughter
Great expectations: What to do if your child's OP isn’t what you expected
7 Dec 2016

OP release date is here! After 12 years of homework and exams, waiting for that number can be as nerve-wracking for you as it is for your child.

Tips for high school students preparing for university
20 Oct 2016

For some students, starting university can be pretty daunting.

Student thinking
Choosing the right course – a degree of challenge
10 Oct 2016

Things used to be more simple.

True grit: why our kids must learn resilience
30 Aug 2016

In life and learning we experience ongoing measurement and assessment.

Graduate salaries: does it pay to get a uni degree?
9 Aug 2016

University students sacrifice a lot in time, money and hard work to get a degree.

What does it cost to go to uni?
26 Jul 2016

The cost of going to university is something that we often hear discussed.

How to help your teenager make a decision
1 Jul 2016

Making a decision about going to uni can be tough.

Parent helping their child on the laptop
Finding balance between work and study
13 Jun 2016

Staying afloat financially can be critical to a student's success.

Testing not the way to foster love of learning
26 May 2016

Too many of us are seeing first-hand the suffocation of children’s love of learning and self-belief as they encounter constant testing and boring prefabricated curriculum.

Is curriculum pressure killing students' joy?
20 Apr 2016

School has resumed after a lovely holiday break, and one of my children didn’t want to return to school.

Using a smartphone
Balancing the budget
15 Apr 2016

These never ending sunny days that hold a tight grip on summer remind me of when I thought school lunchboxes, permission notes and play dates would last forever.

Students studying
Supporting your students in the first weeks of semester
21 Mar 2016

That first breath of autumn last week might just have been mistaken for the collective sigh of relief from parents when university lectures started!