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Everyone studies at USC

12 Apr 2017

The slight cool in the air heralded graduation season at USC, and this year the graduand was me.

I was the one in the black flowing robes, strutting into the auditorium to Neil Diamond’s Hot August Night, heading up on stage to receive my degree from Chancellor John Dobson, having photos, lots of applause.

Although this was my third degree, it was the only time I have been able to attend my own graduation ceremony and I was awarded a Doctorate, so it was kind of a big deal for me.

My two daughters have already had the joy of graduating from USC, one with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Science (Hons), another with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Business. My two sons are respectively heading towards a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce (Financial Planning) and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts. Oh and two sons-in-law also studied at USC, so I guess I could claim them too.

My family is a USC study family and we supported and encouraged each other. I tried not to embarrass my kids too much when we met for coffee and lunch in the brasserie, although my own university social life often meant I was too busy! 

For other families at the graduation, the graduand was a first in family to attend university. The first one to make it through the long slog of study to graduate. How fabulous are they!

At one point during the graduation ceremony, the graduands were invited to thank the people who assisted them in earning their degree. The graduands, some young, some not so young and all very diverse, turned and applauded their supporters. Every student needs support as they walk their own path through university study, whether it is financial support, academic assistance or just a few words of encouragement, no one can do it alone. Some days the path is smooth sailing and sometimes it is rocky. But getting to the end of the path is worth it.

Just yesterday, son #2 received a phone call from the USC Student Success team, checking in that he was going ok with university, that he had found his way around, that everything was trucking along well.

Every first-year student doing COR109 gets such a phone call. Whether you are a Gen Y, a parent, a first-in-family or from a long line of students, it is just another way you are supported through your studies.

For me, part of my support was studying alongside my children, something I would encourage every parent to do.

Which degree might be yours?

by Janet Lee, USC parent

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