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All about scholarships and bursaries

22 Aug 2017

Learning to balance the household budget is one of the first challenges for new university students (and their parents!). Luckily there are scholarships and bursaries that can help students manage their finances and stay on top of their studies.

Semester 1, 2018 scholarship applications are open until 30 November 2017. Your child can apply for a USC scholarship before they've received their offer to study at USC.

What are scholarships and bursaries?

Scholarships and bursaries help students fund their education by covering some of the costs associated with university study. This can include tuition fees, textbooks, or costs associated with work placements, internships or study-related travel. The costs covered depend on the individual scholarship or bursary.

Scholarships and bursaries aren’t just for high academic achievers. They’re designed to help students achieve their full potential while at uni, and are awarded to students from all backgrounds and study areas.

Who is eligible?

Students can be eligible for a scholarship based on academic performance, sporting achievements or community service, or a combination of all these things.

Scholarships at USC range in value from $500 for a one-semester bursary to $32,000 over the course of a full degree.

For example, high-achieving students who demonstrate good leadership skills can apply for USC’s Thompson Excellence Scholarship, which provides $4,000 per semester for the normal duration of the program (up to a maximum of $32,000).

USC also offers some bursaries based on financial need, like the USC Equity Bursary and Study Support Bursary. These are designed to help low-income students reduce hours of paid work and focus on achieving their study goals.

Eligibility and selection criteria for each individual scholarship or bursary are available on the USC website. Many scholarships are open to all new students, and your child can apply for these before they receive their offer to study at USC.

Some scholarships require students to be enrolled in a particular program or course – this information is displayed under the selection criteria.

TIP: Some scholarships are only offered in Semester 1 or Semester 2, or to students enrolled in their second or third year of study. Encourage your child to check whether they are eligible for new scholarships as they complete their degree.

How can my child apply?

Scholarship applications for Semester 1, 2018 are now open and close on 30 November 2017.

Your child can apply for USC scholarships before they've received an offer to study at USC. For most undergraduate scholarships and bursaries, students only need to fill out one online application form, even if they are applying for more than one scholarship. USC will assess which scholarships they are eligible for, and contact them with more information.

For more information visit How to apply for a USC scholarship.

External scholarships

Your child may also be eligible for scholarships offered by external companies or organisations. These scholarships have their own eligibility criteria, selection criteria and closing dates. In most cases your child will need to provide a separate application form directly to the external organisation.

Other financial assistance

As a USC student, your child can access a range of financial support. Visit the Australian Government’s Study Assist website to see whether your child is eligible for financial assistance. USC Student Wellbeing and the USC Student Guild welfare office can also provide one-on-one guidance and support. If your child runs into financial trouble while studying they may be eligible for a short-term student loan to help cover the costs of textbooks, study materials or placement costs.


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