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All the uni basics explained in USC's Q&A video

23 Aug 2017

Remember when your child started secondary school, and had to learn new terms like ‘timetable’, ‘period’, ‘assignment’ and ‘exam’? And how to find their way from one class to another?

The transition from secondary school to university will also require your child to master some new terms and concepts. But don’t worry – USC is here to help.

At USC Open Day, some of our students answered the most commonly asked questions about studying at university. Watch our USC Q&A video to get up to speed.

If you missed USC Open Day, or want to revisit some of the things you and your child learned on the day, check out our Open Day 24/7 website.

Here, you’ll find panel sessions, presentations and other resources from Open Day — everything your child needs to get their first year at uni off to a great start.

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